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4-week Mindfulness Meditation for beginners: Reduce stress + sharpen your focus for 2015

Thursday Jan 15th 8-9:30pm, 22nd, 29th, Feb 5th.

4 Week MindfulnessLife is busy.

It’s also fast-paced, hectic, noisy, chaotic, and bursting at the seams with commitments…

And that’s before you’ve even made it out the door in the morning. 

Our days are spent rushing around, putting out fires, and desperately trying to keep up with the constant stream of information that’s being levelled at us.

But here’s the thing: living at this frenetic pace – day in, day out – is actually doing us harm. Our brains and bodies are not designed to withstand such prolonged exposure to stress – we’re simply not meant to live in a permanent state of overwhelm, stimulation and anxiety.

Yet for most people, that’s the norm. In fact, they’ve forgotten that life can be anything but stressful…

But there is another way… 

It’s called Mindfulness.

This scientifically-proven practice is a simple, time efficient way to help you create more space, find more focus and improve your day-to-day productivity. It’s incredibly effective, it’s easy to learn, and it’s all backed up by the latest neuroscience.

Best of all, as well as making you feel a whole lot better as you go through your daily life, this practice can actually improve your performance and output in all areas of your life – whether it’s in your career, your creative pursuits, your home life, your health, or your relationships. In fact, the flow-on effects from this one tool can – quite simply – revolutionise your life.

Come and learn Mindfulness Meditation with me, Elise Bialylew founder of Mindful in May.

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  • 15+ years of study around body-mind wellbeing, human personality and behaviour and psychology
  • 10+ years of study in mindfulness meditation with some of the worlds leading teachers including Jon Kabat Zinn
  • A committed personal mindfulness meditation practice with a conviction of it’s benefits and capacity for personal transformation
  • Experience in teaching thousands of people around the world how to meditate through the online Mindful in May global movement


What people have said about the course:
“The course taught me more about mindfulness with lots of practical advice, backed up with scientific information on how our brains work and react and the related benefits a mindfulness practice can bring. Elise is a lovely, engaging teacher who provides a mixture of printed and presented information, theory, group discussion, practical exercises, homework and encouraging e-mails to motivate you through the course. I came away with a feeling that I can really use this to deal with feelings of stress and anxiety.  ~ Rick, Project Manager” 

 “I whole heartedly recommend this course. Elise’s medical background and experience give an inspiring validity to the value and significance of being present. The intuitive knowledge of art being supported by the empirical knowledge of science is exciting. The course was conducted in a relaxed, welcoming and professional way which meant that it was accessible to a diverse group of people.” ~ anonymous 


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This program is ideal for you if you:


  • Are new to meditation
  • You want to find more space in your day
  • You are looking for a simple way to manage your stress 
  • You are a successful professional but you are looking for ways to improve your capabilities 
  • You value relationships and would like a simple tool to sharpen your communication and improve your relationships
  • You have no more than 10 minutes a day to spare to practice meditation
  • You are a fast paced, high performing professional or entrepreneur looking for simple tools to be more effective at what you do
  • You are an overworked, overwhelmed parent that needs to learn skills to manage your reactivity and find more space for you
  • You frequently find yourself distracted and multitasking leading to time wasting
  • You have experienced burn out or feel you are heading in that direction if you don’t find a better way to manage your stress
  • You would like to improve your emotional intelligence: manage emotions like anger and fearmore effectively
  • NB: If you have previously done Mindful in May we will be exploring the same meditationsfrom the program.


Results you can expect to experience:

  • Have a mind that is more focused
  • Have life transforming tools that you can use anywhere, anytime to find more calm and clarity
  • Be able to manage your emotions more effectively including anger and fear
  • Be more efficient in your work as you have developed the inner witness
  • Have a healthier more mindful relationship with technology
  • Be kinder to yourself
  • Manage stress more effectively
  • Communicate more powerfully
  • Make better decisions
  • Think more creatively through understanding the importance of making space for the mind
  • Trust yourself more
  • Have more confidence to take healthy risks
  • Manage confrontation and have difficult conversations

You will learn:

  • What mindfulness is and how it can enhance your wellbeing and effectiveness in daily life
  • The way stress effects your higher brain function and gain greater power over your health and mental focus
  • How mindfulness can literally transform your brain for the better
  • The common challenges that will arise when beginning meditation practice and techniques to overcome these obstacles to ensure you reach states of enhanced focus and concentration.
  • Ways that you can develop the skill of mindfulness by bringing it into everyday activities.
  • How you can use your breath to reduce the harmful effect of stress on your body and mind
  • The benefits of using micro-meditations in your day to maintain focus and calm
  • How to relate more effectively to your internal mind chatter and inner critic
  • How meditation can support deeper creativity and innovation
  • How mindfulness can help you make better decisions
  • How to bring mindfulness into communication for effectiveness in personal and professional relationships
  • How to become less emotionally reactive and more skilfully responsive to daily stress (a key emotional intelligence factor)
  • Mindfulness techniques to apply to work and become more focussed and efficient
  • A new way of relating to yourself which is less self critical and more kind and self compassionate (NB: this does not reduce your productivity)


Included in the course:

  • 4 x Weekly 1.5 hour sessions that will explore different topics within the mindfulness domain
  • Printed material highlighting the key takeaways of each class
  • Weekly email follow up to keep you on track
  • Weekly 20 min guided mediations during class time
  • An opportunity to explore questions that arise during your meditation practice
  • Weekly accountability to ensure you create a solid habit of meditation for the month
  • Weekly guided 10 minute meditation recordings to use during the month and keep after the class (available as MP3) (These will be the same meditations as included in the Mindful in May program).


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