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I have a confession to make…

Between sleepless nights with a poor little teething daughter, hiring for new Mindful in May positions and for a new nanny, and Mindful in May preparation in full force, I fell into overwhelm this week AND fell off track with my normal meditation practice.

It’s times like these that we all need to be reminded to make that space to connect back with our meditation practice. Sometimes overwhelm can be the actual mindfulness trigger, a potent emotion that can make us realise we’ve fallen off track.

When we do fall off track, rather than beat ourselves up, it’s a good opportunity to call upon our kindness and compassion and turn it inwards, remembering that we are human with all the imperfections that come with that.

What does overwhelm feel like to you?

What does overwhelm feel like in your body? Does it make you breathless or tight in the chest? Does it keep you up at night with lists and to dos scrolling through your head?

Are you familiar with the kinds of thoughts that arise when you’re overwhelmed? Or the kind of things you do to either avoid the feeling or distract yourself from the underlying cause?

How do you habitually respond to overwhelm? Do you fall into helpless victim mode or step into your highest capacity to problem solve?

How does overwhelm impact the way you relate to others?

And finally, how long does overwhelm have to last before you pay attention?

As you reflect on emotions and bring a curious attention to how they manifest and impact you, you start to be able to familiarise yourself with them and catch them sooner, responding to them more effectively.

Mindfulness is not a magical practice that makes our difficult human emotions go away, it’s more a lens through which we can recognise what’s going on, as it’s going on, and in the seeing, bring more wisdom to it all.

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