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how to create habits that stickKnowing how to create habits that stick is powerful. It can truly transform your life.

When I started meditating many years ago, it was hard to create a habit of meditation. Somehow it just seemed to be nudged off  “the to do list” by seemingly more urgent and important things. My lack of understanding around the science of habit formation and some aspects of my thinking kept me from making progress:

All or nothing thinking  –  this style of thinking makes you believe if you are not doing something 100% right, you may as well not be doing it all. This can really inhibit your ability to keep any habit alive.

Inadequate motivation –  as you’ll hear from the interview below, it’s actually better NOT to rely on motivation when trying to create habits, as your motivation will wax and wane. However, once I learned more about the science of mindfulness meditation and understood just how powerful the practice could be in literally transforming my brain for the better, I had a much more solid motivation to work with and found it easier to prioritise.

Inadequate understanding of the science behind habit formation – it wasn’t until I came upon a powerful FREE online course offered by BJ Fogg called Tiny Habits that I really understood the science behind how to create the structures necessary for habits to form (and remain).

I have been interested in the topic of how to create habits that stick for years and have done my fair share of great reading including books such as, The Power of Habit and Willpower. However it wasn’t until I came upon the work of BJ Fogg that things really started to shift and powerfully transform for me.

How to create habits that stick:
An interview with BJ Fogg

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