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The #heartspark experiment

Life is so busy these days and we can forget to prioritise the things that make our #heartspark. This is an invitation to bring more heart and soul into your busy life. 

It’s an experiment..

An invitation to intentionally reconnect with what makes you feel energised, alive, open-heartened and soulful, everyday for 30 days in a row. You can do it alongside your Mindful in May or Mind Life Project program to amplify the good. 

If you’re a member of the transformative Mind Life Project membership you can share your daily #heartspark in our private online community here. If you’re new to our community come on over to this open group and share your #heartspark and be inspired by the positivity of other people’s #heartsparks here.

It’s simply about reconnecting with play, discovery, music, dance, friends and all the things that get so easily pushed down the priority list amidst the busyness of living our lives. 

I’m committing to doing something that makes my #heartspark every day for the next 30 days (and maybe beyond!) to make sure busyness doesn’t win over.

I love doing things in community and so in the spirit of doing this with “virtual friends” share your #heartspark moments in our online community. 

Start your own 30 day commitment to #heartspark at any time and keep it going for 30 days in a row to see what happens and be connected to others through the Facebook group.

Join me in this #heartspark experiment by taking these steps.

1. Come over to this Mindful in May  Facebook group where you can introduce yourself, let us know what country you’re from, and share your daily #heartspark activity to stay accountable and commit to bringing more heart into the busyness of your life. 

1. Download this #heartspark reflection guide I made for you and take 10 minutes to brainstorm things you love which make your #heartspark as a way of getting inspired to start your challenge. Share your top 5 ideas in the public Facebook group here (or if you’re a Mind Life Project member and are immersed in our transformative online mindfulness program share your #heartsparks here. Want to know more about the Mind Life Project membership? Check it out here). 

3. Each day commit to consciously doing something that makes your #heartspark (it can be as small as having a bath, or getting out of bed and taking a minute to put on music and dance, or waking up and reading a poem – whatever lights you up! It doesn’t have to take more than 5 mins). 

4. Stay accountable and inspired by sharing what you’ve done everyday in the Facebook group, on instagram or on your own FB page with the #heartspark hashtag so your friends can be inspired too and together we can support each other to reconnect with heart and soul..

Everyone is welcome to join, so feel free to invite friends and spread the word by forwarding this email to anyone you think might love to join in the experiment. 

I hope this sparks more joy, soulfulness and heartfulness in your life! 

If you want more support in bringing positive practices into your life you might like to check out my book The Happiness Plan.

Elise Bialylew

Founder of Mindful in May + Author of The Happiness Plan


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