How to be Mindful after May [Downloading your Meditations] - Mind Life Project


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May is flying by and you may be asking: what happens at the end of the month?

As with anything, you’ll feel the benefits of your practice more an more as you keep going – so for that reason we recommend you download the meditations from the program to keep up the practice after May! The links to the archive, interviews and meditations will expire on June 15 so make sure you download your meditations before that date.

To do so, just open the SoundCloud file on your desktop (you won’t be able to download onto your mobile or via the app – you can transfer the files from your desktop to your mobile) and click the little arrow underneath the meditation that looks like this:

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 3.20.03 pm-01


Then you’re all set! You can mix up the practises or stick to your favourites. Some you’ll learn to do without the guidance. Just keep at it and remember you can never fail, just keep trying.


If you’re having issues downloading your meditations make sure you’re using a desktop and not a mobile, tablet or the app. If you continue to have difficulties you can contact [email protected]com and they’ll help you pinpoint the issue. Make sure you include the device and web browser you are using in the email.