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If you’re new to meditation here’s a little clip that may give you a sense of what it’s all about.

Thanks to our MIM friend Tamar for passing it on.

If you’re a more seasoned meditator, you will love it too!

We’re getting excited about everyone’s enthusiasm to give the challenge a go.

Just remember there’s no failing here. It’s all for a great cause. Our aim is to raise enough money to build one clean water well that will service either a village or a school in the developing world. We need a minimum of $5000 to do that. Once the money is raised and the well is built we will be sent images and the exact location of the well in a years time.

It will be a tangible outcome changing the lives of hundreds of people as a result of an amazing group effort.

Looking forward to being Mindful in May with you all.

Please spread the word so we can make it happen.