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Melbourne MindfulnessIn this 3 hour Melbourne Mindfulness workshop run at the stunning Whitehouse Mansion in St Kilda, Dr. Elise Bialylew, Founder of Mindful in May + The Mind Life Project, will present a science-based introduction to mindfulness aimed at busy people who are beginning their mindfulness journey and are interested in simple, accessible mindfulness techniques to bring more balance and effectiveness into everyday life.

As part of the course you will also receive light snacks and guided audio meditation tracks to practise with after the program.


When: May 22nd 2-5pm

As part of the course you will also receive light snacks and guided audio meditation tracks to practise with after the program.

NB: If you have previously done Mindful in May we will be exploring the same meditations from the program.

** refund policy:  Full refunds will be given before May 8th, 50% refund will be given before May 15th and no refunds after May 15th. Tickets are transferrable.


Technology is developing exponentially, and at the click of a button we can access an infinite amount of information. With this privilege, comes the potential cost of information overload, increased distractibility and low-grade background anxiety as we try to keep on top of things.

If we wish to remain healthy, happy and effective we need to upgrade our “inner technology” to meet the demands of our increasingly complex world. Science is now revealing that wellbeing is a skill. Just like our bodies, our minds need training to function at their best.

Mindfulness meditation is training for the mind that supports us to be more focused, clear and effective in everyday life. It is being introduced into diverse settings including schools, corporations, hospitals and universities. It’s a powerful tool that can enhance our emotional intelligence and improve our relationships, communication skills, and ability to manage our emotions.

There is now compelling evidence through the work of neurobiology and psychology supporting the fact that mindfulness meditation when practiced regularly can lead to improvement in our physical and emotional wellbeing and improve our performance.

This Melbourne Mindfulness program is ideal for you if you:

Are new to mindfulness + meditation
You are looking for a simple way to manage your stress
You are a successful professional/entrepreneur looking for ways to improve your capabilities
You value relationships and would like a simple tool to sharpen your communication and improve your relationships
You have no more than 10 minutes a day to practice meditation (maybe even less!)
You are a fast paced, high performing professional or entrepreneur looking for simple tools to be more effective at what you do
You are an overworked, overwhelmed parent that needs to learn skills to manage your reactivity and find more space for you
You frequently find yourself distracted and multitasking leading to time wasting
You have experienced burn out or feel you are heading in that direction if you don’t find a better way to manage your stress
You would like to improve your emotional intelligence: manage emotions like anger and fear more effectively
NB: If you have previously done Mindful in May we will be exploring the same meditations from the program.

Results you can expect to experience:

Have a mind that is more focussed
Have life transforming tools that you can use anywhere, anytime to find more calm and clarity
Be able to manage your emotions more effectively including anger and fear
Be more efficient and productive in your work
Have a healthier more mindful relationship with technology
Be kinder to yourself
Manage stress more effectively
Communicate more powerfully
Make better decisions
Have more confidence to take healthy risks because you know how to manage your own fear
Have difficult conversations with more ease

Improvement in your overall physical and psychological wellbeing

Some of what you will learn:

What mindfulness is and how it can enhance your wellbeing and effectiveness in daily life
The way stress effects your higher brain function and how mindfulness can reduce the impact of that stress
How mindfulness can literally transform your brain for the better
Highlights of cutting edge research to support the benefits of mindfulness
Ways that you can develop the skill of mindfulness by bringing it into everyday activities
The benefits of using micro-meditations in your day to maintain focus and calm
How to relate more effectively to your internal mind chatter and inner critic
How mindfulness can help you make better decisions
How to become less emotionally reactive and more skilfully responsive to daily stress (a key emotional intelligence factor)
Mindfulness techniques to apply to work and become more focussed and efficient
A new way of relating to yourself which is less self critical and more kind and self compassionate (NB: this does not reduce your productivity)


To put mindfulness into practice download this FREE guided mindfulness meditation that you can keep forever.