Want to learn tools to manage your mind chatter, build resilience,

and reach your fullest potential?

Want to learn tools to manage your mind chatter, build resilience,

and reach your fullest potential?

“Elise makes meditation easy, accessible, and most importantly doable.”


– Magda Szubanski


The Happiness Plan is a transformative mindfulness guidebook to help you reduce stress, increase wellbeing and transform your life

You’ll receive daily mindful exercises to inspire greater presence, calm and gratitude in everyday life

Included in the book are links to streamable guided meditations

For a short time get a FREE bonus 30 minute meditation when you buy The Happiness Plan.


The Mind Life Project offers online and in person mindfulness based training and coaching to provide tools for living with purpose, passion and presence. Coaching and workshops integrate scientifically proven practices, psychology, mindfulness and creativity to support individuals and organisations in learning how to harness the power the mind for better living.


Reduce Stress, Release Overwhelm, and Reset your life. An online mindfulness meditation course inspired by Mindful in May, featuring global leaders in mindset and wellbeing.



4 Steps to Creating More Focus, Productivity & Calm with Mindfulness Meditation Even if You’ve Never Meditated Before.

Featured In

Coaching & Mindfulness Meditation for Better Living

with Dr. Elise Bialylew


Elise Bialylew is a coach, meditation teacher and social entrepreneur who trained as a doctor and psychiatrist. She left the hospital wards to pursue a deeper calling to start a global mindfulness meditation movement and founded Mindful in May in 2012. The campaign has taught thousands of people from around the world the skills of mindfulness and raised funds to bring clean safe drinking water to developing countries.

Elise combines her deep psychological understanding, her training in mindfulness meditation, and her passion and creativity to coach people to discover their own life purpose and turn transform ideas into action. She thrives on helping people make positive change in their lives through freeing themselves from self limiting beliefs and developing the confidence and courage needed to take bold action. In short, her mission is to help people flourish and reach their full potential.


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Elise delivered an introductory training session on Mindfulness at National Australia Bank. Her session was a perfect balance between holistic theories and research data and resonated very well with the audience. She is a friendly and approachable presenter and she put the audience at ease,…

Deepthi Sanjeeva – Senior Consultant National Australia Bank

Elise’s teachings provided me with the tools to understand meditation and how it could improve my health and wellbeing. She was very generous with her time and demonstrated great knowledge of meditation and its various benefits. The various benefits I received was reduced stress, calmness,…

David Makohon – Senior Analyst – Performance Management National Australia Bank

Elise came and facilitated a session at AGL today outlining Mindfulness, what it is, the research supporting it in growing the brain and the numerous benefits. She also facilitated a guided meditation practice. Excellent session with easy tools to implement – lots of great feedback…

Laini Shaw – People and Culture AGL Energy

Elise is one of the most intuitive, loving listeners I’ve ever encountered. She listens not only for what’s said, but also for what’s beginning to surface. She coaches and guides effortlessly in a way that stimulates growth and expansion. I felt nourished and empowered through…

Chelsea Rustrum – Rustrum.com and ShareableLife.com

I have done some coaching before when I felt stuck. Elise’s coaching was different, she put me at ease immediately; she went much deeper & really got to the heart of why I was feeling the way I was. I especially loved the exercises she…

Sharon Lagan – The Art of Living, Loving, Relating

Elise is an amazing coach, whose laser focus can help you cut out the “bullshit” and get straight to the point of what is really holding you back. Working with her got me on task and highly motivated to achieve the goals that we had…


When Elise agreed to coach me I was immediately excited – having bounced around business related ideas with her on numerous occasions I knew that I would walk away from our session feeling enthused and inspired. Indeed that was the case. Elise is a big…

Amy Crawford – Health & Wellness Practitioner The Holistic Ingredient

Elise understood me and my business right from the start. This made is super easy for me to open up. She listened closely and was able to highlight areas of my business, and in fact my life, which needed tweaking and rearranging. Her strategies were…

Jacqueline Evans – www.jacquelineevans.com.au

I attended Elise’s Mindfulness Workshop which was a great mix of group discussions and participating in mindfulness meditation experiences. It is obvious by the way Elise facilities these workshops that she is passionate and experienced in mindfulness and meditation. She works with you in a…

Catherine Ross – Teacher

I think Mindful in May is fabulous! Anything that promotes peace of mind and benefits people who are in need at the same time is a brilliant idea. I am prone to shocking anxiety and meditation has really helped with that. I just passed my 300 day mark since I started meditating regularly with Mindful in May. That really kick started it for me — consistency has always been my problem. Being guided through Mindful in May to meditate for ten minutes is very doable in this busy life and you still get the benefits.


I have found greater calm, an awareness of myself & those around me and a space to clear my mind when days are stressful. I’ve loved & appreciated your guidance, the guided meditations have been great and the interviews have been so informative & valuable. The content is fantastic, I was worried I would get lost in it being a beginner but I’ve been so engaged and got a lot out of each one. I like to know how things work, so the approach has been brilliant.


I confess I was a cynic about meditation and mindfulness. But after my husband died suddenly in 2014, and I was confronted with night after night of terrible insomnia, when a friend suggested I give mindful in may a go I thought “what have I got to lose in committing 10 minutes a day to something?” and the charitable element of the project meant that someone out there had something very big to gain! What I found was that far from losing anything, I gained back not just the capacity to sleep but also an awareness of the extraordinary power in mindfulness and meditation to promote both good physical and mental health. My sleep improved, symptoms of a chronic physical health condition improved and I felt more alert and capable to deal with the craziness of everyday life. Using the Mindful in May’s practical and accessible programming provided me with not just a daily mindfulness tool but also an awareness of the scientific research that provides the evidence for it. By bringing mindfulness into my daily routine, I have seen significant improvements in my overall wellbeing.


I signed up for MIM 2015 without quite knowing what to expect exactIy. I had started meditating at work with some colleagues, but it was only a weekly practice. I think the daily practices made a big difference to my wellbeing and enabled me to reduce my anxiety (in particular work-related). I found that I was looking forward to that quiet time in my sometimes hectic days. The meditation tracks were great – my favourite is the breath and sound meditation. I use this technique by myself very often – in the train on my way home from work for example. And I really liked the interviews. Whilst I couldn’t quite keep up with them (there are a lot), I have since watched all but 2 I think. They are extremely informative and inspiring. Unfortunately life just tends to get in the way and I am really looking forward to MIM 2017 for a renewd daily dose of inspiration, quiet and energy.



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