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A mindful mama meditation…Mindful mama meditation

It used to be my own breath that anchored me to meditation.  Now your breath is the focus of my evening mindful mama meditation.

I treasure the magic that descends in the darkness each night as I feed you to sleep. Holding you in my arms, watching the dance of your fingers, and your eyelids slowly succumbing to sleep.

I hold you close, I feel your warm body softening and am reminded to soften mine.

I marvel at the intelligence of our bodies sitting in darkness breathing…Together.

It hits me each night, at this sacred hour.

Tears rise as the immensity of this miracle fills me.

Breathing gently. Dependant and yet completely independent.

I contemplate in your peacefulness how you invite me to grow into the fullness of who I am. Trying to become the wisest, deepest version of myself so that I can help you become that too.

In awe of creation, of this body, that knew what to do to bring you to life with such ordinary magnificence.

Your eyes, your eyelashes, your mouth, nose and fingers – your little body lying here in stillness, a miracle that pulls me into the moment and lifts me above the ordinariness of a day.

This is mindfulness. This is meditation. A mindful mama meditation.

As you fall asleep, I wake me up to the miracle of this present moment.


A Mindful Mama Meditation

If you are a mama try this 10 step meditation with your baby.

  1. Make an intention to bring full awareness to your baby as you are feeding him/her to sleep
  2. Turn the lights off or dim them down.
  3. Hold your baby and feel the weight of her body in your arms.
  4. Tune in to your sense of sight and take in all the details of your baby – her face, eyelashes, lips, eyes, mouth, then notice her hands and fingers. Tune in to your sense of smell and then sound – taking in all of your environment in this moment.
  5. Tune into your own body and notice if you are holding any tension anywhere – let it go and allow your body to soften.
  6. When you have finished feeding your baby tune in to her breathing.
  7. If you notice your mind wandering into going through to do lists or any other kind of thinking let the thoughts go and bring your attention back to your babies breath.
  8. Bring an intention of lovingkindness to you and your baby as you sit here in meditation by silently saying these phrases to yourself: “May I be happy and healthy and honour my needs as well as my babies needs, May you, my baby, be happy and healthy and flourish in this world.
  9. Take a few moments to bring to mind things that you feel grateful for in your life – you might take this opportunity to think of everything you feel grateful for in relation to your baby. 
  10. When you feel you have had enough time practising this mindful mama meditation put your baby to sleep and take yourself to bed too.


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