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Each year I like to take time to reflect on learnings from the year before and set intentions for the year to come.

Tuning in to the natural flow of the inbreath and outbreath provides a perfect anchor to considering what you need to let go of and what you’d like to bring more of into your life, in order to experience greater flourshing.

Below is a recording of a guided meditation that I hosted about to support hundreds of people who registered a way of tapping into what really matters for them this year – it was a meaningful practice.

If you’ve found this practice after the New Year has passed, it is still a way to recalibrate throughout the year and remind yourself of what you value most. I hope you find it helpful.

The meditation starts at ~12 minutes and ends at about 50 minutes.

Let me know what the three feelings are that you’d like to anchor to this year in the comments below.

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