Creativity Catalyst Session:

A 60-minute power Skype session

[red]Where you’re at:[/red]

  • You’ve got an idea but you’re struggling to put it into action
  • You’re craving clarity on where you’re going and how to get there
  • You want to boost your creativity
  • Or maybe you want to pick my brain about some other kind of “stuckness” or challenge you face…


[red]What you’ll receive:[/red]

This consulting session is a high energy, creative power session where your problem and my passion, curiosity and experience collide to create new possibilities.


[red]This is for you if:[/red]

You’re in transition – whether in your work, your creative pursuits, or your life – and are needing some expert advice to help you discover new ideas and perspectives. It could be related to a new business idea, a relationship, your creative work, or a personal dilemma that needs a new approach. I’ll help you uncover the inner mindset blocks that are holding you back and lead you to new possibilities to help you propel forwards with momentum.


[red]You’ll walk away with:[/red]

  • Clear, powerful strategies to help you get unstuck
  • New ideas and resources to help you take action
  • A newfound optimism and energy around what is possible
  • Clarity around any internal barriers that are holding you back

I’m committed to delivering value to my clients. If you feel you haven’t received outstanding value during our session, you can send me an email and I will give you a 100% refund.


[red]Your investment:[/red]

$280USD (including GST).

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