‘Make the Change’ Sessions:

6 x fortnightly 50-minute coaching sessions via Skype

[red]Where you’re at:[/red]
Self-doubt. Confusion. Insecurity. Uncertainty… You know that you’re capable of so much more (your big, beautiful dream is blazing inside you), yet you feel paralysed and unable to move forward. You might be experiencing overwhelm, anxiety, fear… Basically, you can’t seem to break free of your comfort zone in order to create the change you’re craving.


[red]What you’ll receive:[/red]
A 3-month program to help you find new perspectives and take bold action towards what you desire.
Designed to support personal growth, empowerment and life change, this package will bring to light the deep-down limiting beliefs keeping you small, and open up new possibilities. We’ll get clear on what matters most to you, help you become more aligned with what you value, and take powerful action towards living your most fulfilled life.


[red]This is for you if:[/red]

  • You’re a professional who feels unfulfilled in your job and is longing for a life and career that resonates with your deepest desires and longings, but you can’t work out how to make that happen
  • You have an idea or creative project in mind, but you haven’t been able to execute it (you have a sense there may be some fear and self-doubt holding you back)
  • You’re feeling stuck – in a creative project, a business, a relationship (or lack of relationship), or your life purpose
  • You’re successful from an outside perspective, but you’re feeling a sense of restlessness and inner emptiness; a “is this all there is” kind of feeling
  • You’re in a transition: you’re wanting to leave your job to pursue your passion; you’ve had a break up, or you’ve recently started a relationship and you have your doubts; or maybe you’ve just come back from overseas and feel lost and disconnected.


[red]The package breakdown:[/red]

  • We’ll start with an initial 60-minute session to explore your current situation and barriers and give me a deep sense of your self-narratives and strengths. We’ll set clear goals for the next 3 months and then progress in moving you towards them.
  • We’ll then meet for 5 x fortnightly 50-minute coaching sessions to ignite, motivate and inspire you into action and help you develop insight into what’s in your way, to help you get unstuck and transform.
  • You’ll also receive custom-designed practices for you to do between sessions to strengthen your new mindset and support deeper creativity and possibilities, whether in your professional or personal life.


[red]You’ll walk away with:[/red]

This in-depth package is all about deep, lasting transformation. You’ll move from:

  • Self-doubt » To self trust
  • Confusion » To clarity
  • Insecurity » To confidence
  • Fear » To Courage
  • Paralysis » To taking bold action
  • Overwhelmed » To calm
  • Living within your comfort zone » To expanding what is possible


[red]Your investment:[/red]
All of the above – 6 Skype sessions, with all my energy and expertise focused on helping you achieve your goals

Investment – $560USD/month (including GST) over 3 months.


Ready to transform?

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